Owned and operated by Patrick Ewald of Grass Valley, CA, Hawk Bait Aerial Photography specializes in capturing aerial images with the use of a DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone, otherwise known as an “unmanned aircraft system” (UAS) or drone. The Phantom 3 Pro is capable of capturing stunning aerial images and video in high-definition formats including 4K.
No longer does one have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to acquire professional aerial photos using a helicopter or airplane. The Phantom 3 has a range of over a mile and within minutes of setup can take off from the narrowest of spaces taking video and photos. The drone has the ability to hover and keep a programmed course with the aid of GPS satellites. Professional still images and video are captured in HD quality with the aid of an attached gimbal, keeping the images sharp.  The images and video can then be transferred within minutes via digital technology.
We have the capability to reach a wide variety of clients in Northern California and can travel to other locations upon request. Many images on the website have been captured from several locations around the United States.
To compliment our aerial photography service we also offer still photography services capturing a variety of subjects in their natural settings. 
Hawk Bait Aerial Photography acquired its unique name as a result of an unfortunate event one day when our drone flew into the territory of a nesting pair of Red-tailed Hawks. After being warned several times by the hawks to evacuate the area, one of the hawks decided to let us know that we were no match for the REAL drones of the sky and it promptly “took the drone out.” I’m happy to report that the hawk flew away unharmed and the pair continued to nest happily. (You can view video of the initial hawk chase on the Video page of this website)